Tom StevensonWednesday 9th October 2013 I was dealt two bad cards in life I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease… The initial shock was shocking but I thought about how I was going to fight this battle. There are two paths to go down, one is to sit back and hide away and deny it, not see anyone and let the stress and anxiety eat me up which is what the disease wants me to do or go down the positive path which is to accept it and put a plan in place to defeat it. The brain is a very powerful machine which can be fixed as long as you have the right mentality and support around you.

‘I look at the positive picture ahead of me, I can only see one outcome and that is a successful one, doing something that no one else has achieved. I am so humbled and grateful to all the people that have sent me positive messages, who have liked my status and wrote on my Facebook wall, with all those comments behind me, that is what will help me beat this condition. I have stumbled across people from all round the globe and like the people closest to me they have the same positive attitude to help me. You can’t win a war/battle on your own but you can with an Army and I am now creating my own Army to go to battle.  I am a fighter, a winner and a great believer that the body and the mind can conquer anything that is thrown in front of you.

At the moment there is no cure but that is the same for many illnesses but there are excellent treatments and with the help from others STAYING POSITIVE and BELIEVING that we are going to get through then that is the best treatment anyone can have.


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