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One of my best mates James Boylan has come up with a great idea to put a The Battle Fund on the Global Map.

So here is the plan – summer holidays are soon upon us and his suggestion is to see how many pictures can be uploaded during the holiday season wearing a Battle Fund T-shirt.

It’s quite simple by a cheap white t-shirt and get the logo printed then get snapping.

We have over 1000 people linked to our page so I’m pretty sure there will be some amazing locations visited over the next 5/6 months..

I will start the ball rolling as I go to Dubai tonight!!!

Paddy Coyne and Shelby Coyne I know you are on a World Tour so you guys can defo produce some good locations plus you end up in Brazil so expectations are high for you pair..

If you need and info please drop The Battle Fund a message..

Happy snapping everyone

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